Date: Sunday 20 September
Time: 10:30pm
Location: Triskel Christchurch
Artist: Eat My Noise, Sean Mac Erlaine, Valgeir Sigurðsson, Liam Bryne, Tomas Gall, James Fortune, Alex Petcu and Cork Concert Orchestra
Title: Carinae
Tickets: FREE*

Register for event at info@soundsfromasafeharbour.com

Created by Cork audio compositors Eat My Noise; this night of music will take you onboard a ship on a journey to harbour through the marriage of two stories; Ireland’s worst storm, and the epic story of Aeneas and the rage of Juno.
Eat My Noise, in association with the Cork Opera House & the Cork Concert Orchestra, will be joined by Sean Mac Erlaine, Valgeir Sigurðsson, Liam Byrne, Alex Petcu, Tomas Gall, Donal Dineen (visuals), James Fortune & choir for this electro-orchestral odyssey; not to be missed.

Eat My Noise

Orchestrate Change. Soundtrack Everything. Break Hearts and Minds. Eat My Noise are Audio Compositors. We are the producers of a growing portfolio of multi platform collaborative works for short film, theatre, dance and music.

There’s Peter, Irene & Dave.

There are also other savagely weird and wonderful people who make the work for us and with us. Our CORE is in music; composition with electronics, acoustics and orchestra, but we’re growing to be more than that.


General enquiries: info@soundsfromasafeharbour.com


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