Date: Fri 18 September
Time: 6pm – 9pm
Location: Nash 19
Title: Artists Meet The Artisans
Tickets: Free

Nash 19 have created a special event to coincide with Sounds from a Safe Harbour and Culture night where the artist and the artisans are celebrated together under one roof. Pop in over the course of the night to view Rebecca Bradley’s painting exhibition Provisional View in Sternview Gallery, have a glass of wine, enjoy a small plate of food from our award winning local producers including Frank Hederman’s Belvelly Smoke House, McCarthy’s of Kanturk ‘s pudding and pork and St. Tola Irish Goats cheese.
We expect some musical interruptions from a host of troubadours over the course of the evening.


General enquiries: info@soundsfromasafeharbour.com


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