Two years on, Sounds from a Safe Harbour returns to Cork City. Taking place in venues across the Leeside, from the 14th to 17th of September 2017.

“I’m very proud as a Corkman and music fan to be involved with this fantastic festival. Mary Hickson has delivered an incredible lineup of international and home-grown talent… I cannot wait to come home.”

– Cillian Murphy


“I’m really honoured to be a part of this year’s Sounds from a Safe Harbour. It’s a tremendously exciting and eclectic line up of bands, composers, artists – in a place I love. Artists thrive on collaboration, and this festival is about those meetings – about the start of new ideas and the beginnings of new artistic partnerships and new conversations with audiences. It’s about all of that – but of course it’s a celebration of live performance too – four days of brilliant music in a wonderful city.”

Enda Walsh

“SFSH17 is the culmination of two years work. We are so grateful to the venues in Cork City for embracing this idea and coming on board in such a major way. Working with people like Aaron & Bryce Dessner, Cillian Murphy and Enda Walsh, is inspiring and I am so honoured to have the opportunity to create SFSH17 with them. Cork will be the perfect home for this crazy idea Bryce and I had together over a cup of tea, back in 2013. Here’s to the second edition!”

– Mary Hickson

“Sounds from Safe Harbour is rare opportunity to gather friends from many different corners with the community in Cork and make music and art with total freedom. I’m hoping to see and play as many shows as  possible, both music I know and don’t know. And then there’s a few things close to home, the National, Big Red Machine and my sister Jessica’s choreography. I can’t wait.”

– Aaron Dessner

“Collaboration is a huge part of my own practice and I enjoy very much exploring cross genre engagement. We have injected this energy into our festival and will be presenting music, art, film, conversation, dance and food across the weekend. The unifying factor being the music. It’s going to be Christmas in September!”

– Bryce Dessner


Thank you to all our amazing venue partners, without whom this would not have happened. Legends.